Takagi Japanese Style Bath Tub

Are you in the market for a Japanese style bath tub, only you have to shop on a limited budget? If you are like hundreds of other people who enjoy a hot bath and just love to take long hot soaks, the Takagi Japanese style bath tub has been made just for you. It is a great little portable bathtub that you can use in any area where you have a drain. The Takagi Japanese style bath tub is a great option for those who are shopping on a limited budget. It is very lightweight and you can install it yourself. This is great because you will save even more on your budget by installing it yourself. If you do not have room for it in your home, you can quickly install one in your backyard or even in your garage.

Like many people, you may already know the health benefits of soaking in hot water. It is very good for the body and will rid you of stress and relieve sore muscles after a long day on the job. Soaking in a hot tub is great for your circulation and brings a sense of well being to your whole system.

For the past 20 years or so, large portable Japanese hot tubs have been available for purchase in the United States. Many of these are very expensive. Now, with the Takagi Japanese style bath tub, we have the option of purchasing a small portable hot tub. These are great for single person use. With the way the economy is going these days and the availability of the Takagi Japanese style bath tub, there is no need to give up the luxury of having your therapeutic hot tub bath.

American bath tubs are not deep enough to soak in. Westerners are always in a hurry and rarely take the time to soak in a hot water bath. We usually take showers. The Eastern cultures have known for centuries the health benefits that the Japanese style bath tub can offer. Westerners can learn these benefits too. In Japan, they take their shower and wash off with soap and water first, and then they soak in the orfuro. Orfuro is the Japanese name for the traditional Japanese bathtub.

The Takagi Japanese style bath tub is made from FRP fiberglass. Fiberglass is very easy to clean and does not produce mold very easily. This bath tub is 25 inches deep, so it is deeper than a regular American bath tub. It holds 65 gallons of water, which is less than the larger hot tubs hold. Less water means less hot water to heat, which can be an added savings for you. It is compact and lightweight so you can move it from place to place by yourself. In fact, it only weighs 50lbs.

The price of a Takagi Japanese style bath tub is very reasonable. If you are a single person or just someone who enjoys the Japanese style bathing experience, this tub is just perfect for you and your budget. Also look for discount Japanese bathtubs.